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The Little Drummer Boy (Ultimate Christmas Classics)
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Christmas Classics
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The Little Drummer Boy (Ultimate Christmas Classics)

A lonely orphan, shunned by all and filled with sorrow, finds the true secret of happiness when he serenades a Bethlehem newborn on his tin drum. Greer Garson narrates this stop-action animation classic from Rankin/Bass based on the classic Christmas song.  

This is a example of what Christmas is all about. It is the story about Aaron, the Little Drummer Boy, who hates all people because his family was murdered by a group of Desert Thieves. Aaron is kidnapped by Ben Harmed, the greedy and crooked, self proclaimed "Kin of the Desert Showmen". This classic puts Christ back into Christmas where He belongs. It was and still is one of very few videos that tell what Christmas is about - the greatest gift of all to a sad and needy world - the gift of Christ, that's why we celebrate Christmas.  

A enjoyable classic for kids as well as adults alike. 

Runtime:  26 mins
Language: English
Year: 1968
Quality: 8/10
Format: avi format 

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Thanks for the upload Brother! Sadly, this film probably won't be aired anywhere in the world again. Keep up the good fight. God Bless